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Our Team

Our Founder Nicolas Labatut

Nicolas Labatut




When moving back to Hong Kong, Nicolas was looking for a playgroup for his daughter Carla. He found many English and Mandarin Montessori-inspired centres in the city, but not one that is truly holistic and multi-lingual. He then decided to found an Academy that meets his vision about Early Years Education: a place where children not only learn but also develop their social skills,  a place where children can benefit from the best curricula, and a place where children could be exposed to many languages. He decided to partner with a recognised expert in childhood education, Rigolo Comme La Vie, benefiting from their proven model in early years education and 20 years of experience in Europe. 

Born in France, Nicolas has lived and worked in 8 different countries across Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific.  After serving as a senior executive in Nord Anglia Education, he created and funded an education organisation, Ephebos, with a mission to contribute to 'Education for a Better World'. Nicolas can be defined as social entrepreneur who believes in business as a force for good. His passion for education, coupled with his financial expertise and ability to execute visions, naturally led him to found Rigolo Comme La Vie in Hong Kong.

Our Head of School Veronique Drapeau

Veronique Drapeau

Head of School


Veronique is an accomplished educational leader with 14 years of experience in teaching and leadership roles. As the newly appointed Head of School at Rigolo Comme La Vie, Hong Kong, she brings a wealth of expertise and a global perspective to early childhood education.

Veronique, who is bilingual in French and English, is originally from Canada and is currently residing in Hong Kong. Her international background enriches the multicultural environment at Rigolo, fostering inclusivity and global awareness among students.


Veronique worked as the Head Teacher at Maple Bear Canadian International Kindergarten before coming to Rigolo. There, they promoted academic excellence and used cutting-edge teaching techniques. In addition, she also contributed her expertise as an English Classroom Teacher at the French International School in Hong Kong and has taught various subjects and age groups over the years.


Veronique has a strong academic background, having earned a degree in design as well as a bachelor's degree in creative writing and English literature from Canada. She furthered her professional development by obtaining a PGCE in International Education from the University of Nottingham, UK. Veronique is currently working toward a Master's degree in Education at the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom with plans to pursue a PhD.


With her extensive experience, Veronique is committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating learning environment for every child. Her multidisciplinary approach, combining educational expertise, creative thinking, and design principles, ensures a holistic learning experience that fosters cognitive, linguistic, and socio-emotional development.


As the Head of School, Veronique is dedicated to upholding the trilingual curriculum at Rigolo Comme La Vie, empowering students to become fluent in English, French and Mandarin while fostering cultural understanding.


Join Veronique and the dedicated team at Rigolo Comme La Vie as they embark on an exciting educational journey, shaping the future of young learners with passion, creativity, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

Our Head of Curriculum Katalin Bella

Katalin Bella

English Early Years Teacher and

Head of Curriculum



Katalin Bella is an experienced Early Years Expert with a diverse educational background. She holds a Masters in Business and Economics and has completed the Sunderland PGCE degree in Early Years. As a registered teacher at the EDB, Katalin has a solid foundation in early childhood education.

With her extensive experience teaching in Finland, Mainland China, and Hong Kong, both in local and international school settings, Katalin brings a global perspective to her teaching practice. Her passion, drive, and dedication to early years education are evident in her work.

Katalin is known for her ability to motivate children in their learning. She enjoys finding innovative ways to engage and inspire young learners, creating an environment that fosters curiosity and exploration. Her understanding of different teaching methods and approaches allows her to personalize her approach to meet the needs of each child.

With a strong commitment to professional development and staying up-to-date with the latest research in education, Katalin ensures that her teaching practices are grounded in best practices. Her expertise, combined with her enthusiasm for teaching, makes her a valuable asset to Rigolo Comme La Vie.

Our Mandarin Teacher

Rose Hin Yuen

Native Mandarin Teacher


Rose is a Native Mandarin Teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. During her career she has taught more than 10,000 students, both children and adults. She has designed and delivered Mandarin training courses for various professional companies including HSBC, Citibank and Morgan Stanley.

Rose is a well-experienced teacher and has developed a strong teaching methodology that caters to the individual needs of each student.

Rose's background makes her a truly exceptional addition to our team at Rigolo Comme La Vie, offering a wealth of experience and a unique perspective on education.

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