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  • Welcoming each family individually and respecting their needs.

  • Involving families during the highlights of the playgroup. 

  • Supporting families and their well-being through parent-workshops, community gatherings & events, parents' coffee talks, etc.

  • Communicating with families about their child and their development.

  • Promote times of discussion between the families and teachers.

Parents' Corner


Birthday Parties?

Looking for a venue to host your child's next birthday party? 

Why not hire our space in Discovery Bay North Plaza?

Our large open space overlooking the Bay is a hit for kids' parties with over 1300q ft of space including a terrace! Make your reservation by calling 5495-8810!

Parent Coaching

The coaching sessions help parents gain knowledge and develop strategies that can enhance their parenting skills and improve their relationships with their children. The focus is to create an emotionally supportive environment within the family and finding solutions to any challenges that may arise. The coaching process would also incorporate self-care strategies to help parents maintain their own well-being, in turn, benefiting their families.


Web Journal is a monthly newsletter that promotes parenting and events. The articles are written relating to parenting techniques, pedagogical approaches etc. are written by our childcare experts.

Parents' Coffee Talk

Our "Parent Coffee Talk” is an initiative designed to bring parents together to share their knowledge and experiences on child development and share parental techniques. In these sessions, parents come and have an informal discussion with other parents and parenting coaches to share their skills and learn from each other. 

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